2021 Player Sponsorship Tracker

A running list of team moves and sponsorship extensions

Photo: Jamie Thomas

At the end of every season, players and manufacturers make sponsorship decisions that often cause a domino effect around the disc golf industry.

We’ll continue updating player sponsorship news on this page as it becomes available.

PlayerType2020 Sponsor2021 SponsorTermsNews
Sara SinclairMoveInnovaProdigyn/aRead More
Chris DickersonExtensionProdigyProdigy3 years, through 2023Read More
Brodie SmithExtensionDiscraftDiscraft2 years, through 2022Read More
Eagle McMahonExtensionDiscmaniaDiscmania3 years, through 2023Read More
Cynthia RicciottiExtensionDynamic DiscsDynamic Discs1 year, through 2021Read More
Sarah GilpinExtensionDynamic DiscsDynamic Discs1 year, through 2021Read More
Nate SextonExtensionInnovaInnova2 years, through 2023 (early extension)Read More
Gregg BarsbyExtensionInnovaInnova1 year, through 2021Read More
Garrett GurthieExtensionInnovaInnova3 years, through 2023Read More
Eveliina SalonenExtensionInnovaInnova2 years, through 2022Read More
Henna BlomroosExtensionInnovaInnova2 years, through 2022Read More
Andrew FishExtensionDiscraftDiscraft1 year, through 2021Read More
Holly FinleyExtensionInnovaInnova1 year, through 2021Read More
Väinö MäkeläExtensionProdigyProdigy3 years, through 2023Read More
Hailey KingExtensionDiscraftDiscraft2 years, through 2022Read More
Casey WhiteExtension/PromotionDiscmaniaDiscmania2 years, through 2022Read More
Scott WithersMoveInnovaDiscraft1 year, through 2021Read More
Courtney CannonExtension/PromotionDiscraftDiscraft1 year, through 2021Read More
Trevor HarboltMoveDiscraftDGA2 years, through 2022Read More
Thomas GilbertMoveInnovaProdigy2 years, through 2022Read More
Colten MontgomeryExtensionDiscmaniaDiscmania2 years, through 2022Read More
Benjamin CallawayExtensionDiscraftDiscraft1 year, through 2021Read More
Miles SeabornExtensionDynamic DiscsDynamic Discs1 year, through 2021Read More
Logan HarpoolExtensionDynamic DiscsDynamic Discs1 year, through 2021Read More
Austin HannumMoveDiscraftProdigy2 years, through 2022Read More
Andrew PresnellExtensionDiscraftDiscraft1 year, through 2021Read More
Calvin HeimburgExtensionInnovaInnova1 year, through 2022 (early extension)Read More
Jeremy KolingExtensionInnovaInnova2 years, through 2022Read More
Alexis MandujanoMoveInnovaDiscraftn/aRead More
Kyle KleinExtensionDiscmaniaDiscmania2 years, through 2022Read More
Ellen WidboomExtensionInnovaInnova1 year, through 2021
Read More
Drew GibsonMoveLegacyn/aContinues Infinite Discs sponsorshipRead More
Isaac RobinsonMoveMVPProdigy2 years, through 2022Read More
Ezra RobinsonExtensionProdigyProdigy2 years, through 2022Read More
Heather YoungExtension/PromotionProdigyProdigy1 year, through 2022 (early extension)Read More
Sandi HendelMoveN/AProdigy2 years, through 2022Read More
Cale LeiviskaExtensionProdigyProdigy3 years, through 2023Read More
Seppo PajuExtensionProdigyProdigy3 years, through 2023Read More
Madison WalkerMoveInnovan/an/aRead More
Ohn ScogginsExtension/PromotionInnovaInnovaRead More
Valerie MandujanoExtension/PromotionInnovaInnovaRead More
Adam HammesExtensionDiscraftDiscraft1 year, through 2021Read More
NIkko LocastroExtensionWestsideWestside2 years, through 2023 (early extension)Read More
Noah MeintsmanMoveInnovaDGA2 years, through 2022Read More
Paige ShueExtensionDynamic DiscsDynamic Discs1 year, through 2021Read More
Dustin KeeganExtensionDiscmaniaDiscmania2 years, through 2022Read More
Matt BellExtensionDGADGA3 years, through 2023Read More
Severi SaviniemiMoven/aProdigy2 years, through 2022Read More
Nate PerkinsExtensionDiscmaniaDiscmania2 years, through 2022Read More
Ezra AderholdSigningN/ADiscraft2 years, through 2022Read More
James ConradMoveInnovaMVP2 years, through 2022Read More
Paul McBethExtensionDiscraftDiscraft10 years, through 2031Read More


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