Past Articles in Interview

  1. Q&A With Sarah Hokom, Part 2

    Hokom talks PDGA, payouts, women in disc golf and more

  2. Q&A With Sarah Hokom, Part 1

    Get to know one of the best players in the women's field

  3. Q&A: Eagle McMahon, Post-Beaver State Fling Win

    McMahon talks about his approach, looking ahead to touring in Europe, and more

  4. San Francisco Open Preview: A New Stop On The Pro Calendar

    The DGPT takes another leap of faith with a brand new event

  5. Three Stories On How The WGE Impacts Its Participants

    The WGE starts this weekend with over 2,000 women signed up to play

  6. Q&A With Nate Sexton

    Sexton talks Firebirds, media, his style of play and more

  7. Q&A: Ten Burning Questions With Drew Gibson

    We talk how Gibson got started in disc golf, the 2018 GBO and more

  8. A Casual Sunday On The Course With Simon Lizotte

    Observations from a round and interview with the German star

  9. Q&A With Ian Anderson From Central Coast Disc Golf

    We talk disc golf media, GBO and more

  10. Media, Player & Sponsor Dynamics In Light Of McCray’s Vintage Open Request

    How a small incident effects precedent in a growing sport

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