Past Articles in Opinion

  1. Tuesday Tips: Disc Golf Field Work [Dial in your Upshots – Pt. 5]

    The hidden key to better scores.

  2. Tuesday Tips: Disc Golf Field Work [Bulletproof Putting – Pt. 4]

    Find a routine and get comfortable.

  3. Mailbag: Mega Worlds Edition

    Welcome to Ultiworld Disc Golf’s mailbag!

  4. Tournament Talk: Collecting Ourselves After A Worlds Week Chock Full Of Storylines

    Hole 18 on the final round dominated the discussion but let's not forget how we got there.

  5. Tuesday Tips: Disc Golf Field Work [Proving Grounds – Pt. 3]

    Learn your discs -- and season them.

  6. Are We There Yet? The World Championships Seen From The Early Morning On The Far Side Of The World

    The Disc Golf Network captured more human drama at 2021 Pro Worlds than any disc golf tournament before it.

  7. Review: An Eagle’s Trail – Eagle McMahon Documentary

    The story of Eagle and his dad, Pat, is a great reminder of how amazing this sport can be.

  8. Why ________ Is Going to Win Worlds

    Hope springs eternal.

  9. Tuesday Tips: Disc Golf Field Work [How to Structure Practice – Pt. 2]

    Yes, we're talking about practice!

  10. Mailbag: Utah Open Right Before Worlds, Standstill Penalties

    Do we need to start worrying about players getting hurt?

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