Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT)

  1. The Upshot: Predicting Disc Golf’s Future, Inside The Circle [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    What announcements do you expect in the coming years?

  2. The Upshot: Latest Player Sponsorship Moves, Black Friday, The Match [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    A spicier offseason than we expected!

  3. The Upshot: 2022 This or That [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Who would you picK?

  4. The Upshot: Hot Stove, Europe v. US Schedule [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    What will the European scene look like next season?

  5. The Upshot: Champions Cup Format Change, Nate Heinold, Rathbun to DD, ESPN2 [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    A newsy Tuesday in the offseason.

  6. How to Watch the 2021 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship on ESPN2

    Where to find the ESPN2 disc golf coverage on TV or streaming online.

  7. The Upshot: Brian Earhart, Inside the Circle [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Catching up with Bearhart.

  8. The Upshot: Disc Golf Cooling Off?, Inflation, Added Cash [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Are we past the pandemic growth peak?

  9. The Upshot: Mailbag, $30 Signature Disc [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    All the hot topics.

  10. By The Numbers: 2021 Was a Record Year for Payouts & Added Cash

    2021 accelerated an uptrend in professional purses.

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