Past Articles in Instruction

  1. Tuesday Tips: Breaking Down The Backhand

    A closer look at the components of the game's most essential throw

  2. Tuesday Tips: Bringing Tournament Pressure To Casual Rounds

    A simple, single player way to test your mettle

  3. Tuesday Tips: Sidearm Steals From Koling And Sexton

    A look at two of disc golf's best and what you can take from their games

  4. Tuesday Tips: When You Love Disc Golf, But Your Kids Don’t

    How to get your little ones on the course without a meltdown

  5. Tuesday Tips: A 1-Putter Practice Routine To Recreate The Pressure Of A Competitive Round

    Because standing in one spot with a stack of putters is nice, but doesn't add that stress factor

  6. Tuesday Tips: Changing The Way You Breathe

    The ins and outs of dealing with the physical and mental stresses of competitive disc golf

  7. Tuesday Tips: 3 Keys To Disc Golfing In Cold Weather

    A common sense approach to winter can keep you on the course year-round

  8. Ouch: A Look At The Injury Bug, And How To Avoid It

    Seven statistics and three main keys point the way toward staying on the course

  9. A Guide To YouTube Putting Instruction: Part 1

    One writer's deep dive into the voluminous resources for help inside the circle

  10. A Conversation With A Beginner Yields Tips For All Players

    You have questions. Jason Liebgott has answers.

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