Past Articles in Instruction

  1. From Ultimate to Disc Golf: Form Follows Function [Pt. 2]

    Stop stepping out.

  2. From Ultimate to Disc Golf: Making The Leap [Pt. 1]

    In 2015, I finally lost my love for ultimate.

  3. Tuesday Tips: In Praise Of The Common Bandana

    A simple piece of fabric could save your butt on the course

  4. Tuesday Tips: Tourney Time – The Day Of

    Making sure Good Nervous beats out Bad Nervous

  5. Tuesday Tips: Tourney Time – The Week Before

    Getting your head right with on-course preparation

  6. Tuesday Tips: When The Pin Is Not The Point

    33 feet is the same in every direction

  7. Tuesday Tips: Gearing Up For Winter

    Lightweight is the right weight

  8. Tuesday Tips: Golfing In A Winter Wonderland

    Setting a purpose for your winter disc golf

  9. Tuesday Tips: Let’s Get Digital

    Three tech tips that could help improve your game

  10. Tuesday Tips: The Disc Golf Doctor On Stretching And Warming Up

    Tips on how to best prepare yourself each time you hit the course

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