Past Articles in Instruction

  1. Tuesday Tips: How to Throw a Flex Shot

    Flex on 'em.

  2. Tuesday Tips: Managing the Pressure of High Expectations in Disc Golf

    Next shot.

  3. Tuesday Tips: How to Throw the Hyzerflip

    Shape your shot to get the most out of your discs.

  4. Tuesday Tips: Think Like a Caddie to Improve Your Game

    Prepare like you would if you were caddying for a pro.

  5. Tuesday Tips: How to Fill Your Disc Golf Bag to Cover All Your Shots

    Hit the gaps.

  6. Tuesday Tips: Change your Setup to Fit Your Shot

    Disc golf, like golf, is multiple games in one. Play them separately.

  7. Tuesday Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Discs

    Changing plastics -- and beating discs in -- can help open up new flight paths from molds you already know.

  8. Tuesday Tips: The Power of New

    Using the Novelty Effect to play better disc golf (without wrecking your game)

  9. Tuesday Tips: How to Set Up a Disc Golf Winter or Putting League

    There's no excuse not to play in every season!

  10. Tuesday Tips: Stop Rounding, or How to Fix Disc Golf’s Most Common Flaw

    "Reaching back" might be doing more harm than good.

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