Past Articles in Instruction

  1. Tuesday Tips: Prepping For The Big One

    2012 PDGA World Champion Sarah Hokom shares her tournament preparation routine

  2. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Introducing A Friend To Disc Golf

    We all want to share the sport with our friends and family, but it’s easy to go wrong and have them turned off to the idea of hitting the course ever again

  3. Tuesday Tips: Utility Shots – Grenade & Scomahawk

    Unconventional ways to get up and over

  4. Tuesday Tips: Utility Shots – Jump Approaches And Putts, And Putting From A Knee

    Tackle tough terrain with some simple adjustments

  5. Tuesday Tips: 3 Drills For Judging Distances

    Hone your inner rangefinder for more success on the course

  6. Tuesday Tips: Utility Shots – Thumbers & Tomahawks

    Handy hints to improve your overhand game

  7. Tuesday Tips: Exercises To Increase Balance And Stability

    Four disc golf-specific training videos will help keep your game upright

  8. Tuesday Tips For Talking Like A Local

    Show off your native tongue and blend in like a pro

  9. Tuesday Tips For Consistent Throws

    On the road to repeatable releases

  10. Tuesday Tips: Art Of The Pre-Round Routine

    Seven ways to prepare for success

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