The 10 Best Throws Of 2016

In a year of great disc golf, these shots stood tall

Let’s face it: We were spoiled by disc golf coverage in 2016. With new tours, and multiple media producers, the opportunities to take in every throw possible were ripe.

With that in mind, we narrowed down what our staff views as the 10 best disc golf throws of the season. While aces often get all of the highlight love, our list is made up of more than just those that found the chains off the tee. Whether they sealed victories, or just made us pick our jaws up off the ground, these tosses stood out the most.

10) Jeremy Koling Gets It Just Right Before USDGC Victory (The SpinTV)


Little did anyone know this would turn out to be the last hole played at the 2016 United States Disc Golf Championship, and Big Jerm finished it out as well as anyone. His perfectly thrown upshot skipped just right so it could start fading left into the green, but not too much so that it caught the OB tight and inside, or too high so that it careened long and wide into the OB behind the basket. It eventually settled up nice and close for a five-foot tap in, a memorable way to finish out his first major win.

9) Cam Todd Keeps His Cool, Collects GBO Win (Jomez Productions)


After his drive sailed out-of-bounds on hole 13 of the final round of the Glass Blown Open, Cam Todd walked up the fairway to double check that he needed to re-tee. Then — though there was clearly ice water coursing through his veins — he ditched his jacket and parked his second drive to keep the pressure on Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocki in what proved to be an instrumental moment in his unlikely National Tour win.

8) Nate Sexton Rolls His Way To A La Mirada Open Birdie (Central Coast Disc Golf)

Nate Sexton Roller Video

Nate Sexton went for the cut roller off the tee but caught an unlucky tree—bummer, man. No big deal though: Sexton just used a combination of his unparalleled—and otherworldly—forehand roller game and precognitive mind control to make his Teebird get down and start turning right toward the green. But seriously—a tap in birdie after that first shot? Wow.

7) Paige Pierce Hunts Chains During Pre-Worlds Doubles Event (The Disc Golf Guy)

Paige Pierce Ace GIF

This shot happening on National Disc Golf Day was icing on the cake. You can’t stop Paige Pierce. You can only hope to contain her.

6) Paul McBeth Threads The Needle For Eagle During Round 1 Of Pro Worlds (Jomez Productions)


When Paul McBeth went on an eagle tear during the first round of Worlds in Emporia, Kansas, this drive was the highlight. The deft balance of height needed to navigate the ceiling, plus the pure distance where many others opted for shorter tee shots to a nearby drop zone, made this one of the most impressive shots of the tournament. Oh, and he went 15-down (temporarily) on the day.

5) Eagle McMahon Goes Nuclear During Round 2 Of The USDGC (The SpinTV)

Eagle McMahon USDGC Drive GIF

We’ll let the USDGC spectator say everything we need to about Eagle McMahon’s Round 2-closing drive here:

USDGC Spectator GIF

4) Simon Lizotte Gets A Miracle At The Konopiště Open (The SpinTV)

Lizotte Konopiste Throw-In GIF

After ceding an early round lead, Simon Lizotte needed a miracle to stay in contention during the final round of the Konopiště Open. He got it with this 150-foot throw-in. His approach? “I had nothing to lose, so I totally was going for it and that happened.”

3) Nikko Locastro Unloads At The Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship (SmashboxxTV/Prodigy Disc Video)

Locastro 360 GIF From Back

Locastro 360 GIF From Front

Bombs away! With more hang time than a Johnny Hekker punt, Nikko Locastro’s massive 360-degree drive during the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship was an absolute jaw-dropper. So nice, we gave you both angles of the 700-plus foot shot. Even with the missed eagle putt, it still ranks as our third favorite throw of the year.

2) Valarie Jenkins Runs The Island To Secure A World Title (Prodigy Disc Video)

Jenkins Island Shot GIF

Valarie Jenkins had her world championship in the bag when she stepped up to the penultimate tee during the Pro Worlds Final 9 at the Emporia Country Club. But instead of laying up to avoid the water, she went for the figurative curbstomp and successfully blasted the island green in one of the year’s most memorable moments.

1) Philo Brathwaite Lands The Albatross At The Beaver State Fling (Central Coast Disc Golf)

The Albatross Video

From a pure golf standpoint, Philo Brathwaite’s Beaver State Fling albatross was simply tremendous. The flexing line and raw, yet smooth power on display would have likely made this the throw of the year even without the media maelstrom it created. Add in the exposure for the sport, and no other throw in 2016 was more significant.

A big shout-out to The SpinTV, Jomez Productions, The Disc Golf Guy, SmashboxxTV, Prodigy Disc Video, and Central Coast Disc Golf for the excellent videos throughout the season.

  1. Steve Hill
    Steve Hill

    Steve Hill is the editor of Ultiworld Disc Golf. He provides reviews from the perspective of a low-powered player at Noodle Arm Disc Golf, and in the past served as the associate editor for Rattling Chains. Contact him at [email protected] or on Twitter.

  2. Alex Colucci
    Alex Colucci

    Alex Colucci is the managing editor at Ultiworld Disc Golf. He is a disc golfer currently living in Northeast Ohio who teaches geography sometimes. Contact him at [email protected] with tips, news and questions, and follow him on Twitter.

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