Past Articles in Fantasy

  1. Fantasy Focus: Masters Cup

    How to sort through the mess and make sure your lineup doesn't get "DeLa'd"

  2. Fantasy Focus: Konopiště Open

    Czech yo’self before you wreck yo’self.

  3. Fantasy Focus: Glass Blown Open

    It's history versus the hot hand for this week's lineup conundrums

  4. Fantasy Focus: Jonesboro Open

    A look at how to use Pro Tour stats to build a sound lineup this weekend

  5. Fantasy Focus: Texas States Championship

    Who are the best value plays for your fantasy dollar this week?

  6. Fantasy Focus: Nick Hyde Memorial

    Everyone's back for this weekend's Texas tilt

  7. Fantasy Focus: The Open At Tallahassee

    A deep dive into the pro scene in the deep South

  8. Fantasy Focus: Waco Annual Charity Open

    A split in the field makes selection at the top easy, but how about some local flavor?

  9. Fantasy Focus: The Memorial Championship

    It's loaded at the top heading into Arizona

  10. Fantasy Focus: Gentlemen’s Club Challenge

    A look at value plays, deep sleepers, and optimal lineups as the fantasy season begins

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