Past Articles in Awards

  1. 2018 UWDG Disc Of The Year – Latitude 64 Explorer

    After consulting with pros, we put 10 discs released in 2018 up to a vote to determine the best

  2. Vote: 2018 Disc Release Of The Year

    With input from pros, reviewers, and consumers, we've nominated 10 discs as 2018's best

  3. 2018 Women’s Player Of The Year: Paige Pierce

    A scorching start and overall quality tips vote to Pierce

  4. 2018 Men’s Player Of The Year: Paul McBeth

    In a close vote, McBeth's influence and performance put him on top

  5. 2018 Shot Of The Year: A.J. Carey

    A heck of a way to start USDGC

  6. 2018 Women’s Breakout Player Of The Year: Paige Bjerkaas

    A Pro Worlds win and major decision highlight a standout year

  7. 2018 Men’s Breakout Player Of The Year: Calvin Heimburg

    Seventh highest-rated player in world hasn't even toured a full season

  8. 2018 Shot Of The Year: Final Four

    Four of disc golf's most exciting moments battle for top honors

  9. 2018 Roller Of The Year: Catrina Allen

    Catrina was rollin' in Vegas

  10. 2018 Air Shot Of The Year: Seppo Paju

    The Finn did the impossible

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