Past Articles in Social Media

  1. See How Social Media Reacted to the ESPN2 Broadcast

    The reviews are rolling in.

  2. Social Media Reacts To McBeth, Innova Split

    "Color me shocked"

  3. The Idlewild Social Media Storm

    When the round gets delayed for lightning the phones come out

  4. How Twitter Reacted To Paul McBeth’s ESPN Feature

    Not everyone on social media knew what was happening

  5. Players React To Sexton’s USDGC Win

    Lots of love for the new champion

  6. See How Twitter Reacted To Disc Golf’s ESPN8 “The Ocho” Appearance

    The defunct American Disc Golf Tour, which aired online on ESPN3 in 2016, got a linear cable TV appearance yesterday as the opening sport for…

  7. Eagle McMahon Had The Best Take On The Super Bowl

    In which life imitates disc golf

  8. Disc Golf’s Popularity May Be Declining

    An analysis of social media trends and what they mean for the sport

  9. USDGC Media Plan Favors Post-Produced Content, Will Not Include Livestreaming

    Social media, next-day videos will be event organizers' focus

  10. The In-Between: Off To The Green Mountain Championship

    What's happening on the road to Vermont?

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