Past Articles in Q&A

  1. Q&A: Albert Tamm

    Bazooka-armed Estonian lit up the European Open

  2. Interview: Fake PDGA

    The anonymous poster behind the parody Fake PDGA account opens up

  3. Drew Gibson On His Portland Open Win

    "I stepped up to every shot like I'm the best at this shot. That was the first time I'd ever played with that attitude."

  4. Interview: Blær örn Ásgeirsson

    Icelandic teenager disrupting European hierarchy

  5. Q&A: Alex Russell

    Russell is an early breakout candidate of 2019

  6. Q&A: Jonathan Gomez of JomezPro

    JomezPro's captain on the DGPT and what to expect in 2019

  7. Q&A With Valarie Jenkins: Bevel Craft Brewing, Missing Worlds, What’s Next

    The four-time World Champ on stepping away from one career to start another

  8. Q&A With Paige Bjerkaas

    The pro splits her time between school and the road

  9. Q&A With Sarah Hokom, Part 1

    Get to know one of the best players in the women's field

  10. Q&A: Eagle McMahon, Post-Beaver State Fling Win

    McMahon talks about his approach, looking ahead to touring in Europe, and more

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