Past Articles in Central Coast Disc Golf

  1. Simon Lizotte Aces At Champs Vs Chumps: Canada Edition

    In the lead-up to the 2018 Canadian Championships on Prince Edward Island, Central Coast Disc Golf hosted another edition of their popular Champs vs.

  2. Highlight Reel: Best Of The MVP Open At Maple Hill

    Top shots from the sport's top players and video producers

  3. Highlight Reel: Best Of The Ledgestone Insurance Open

    Top shots from the sport's top players and video producers

  4. View From The Top: McMahon Masters Milo

    How McMahon's play on hole 10 propelled him to victory

  5. Paul McBeth Calls His Own Ace

    While filming the latest edition of its Champs vs Chumps series, Central Coast Disc Golf captured Paul McBeth calling his shot.

  6. Q&A With Ian Anderson From Central Coast Disc Golf

    We talk disc golf media, GBO and more

  7. Two Disc Golf Media Pioneers And Their Video Work

    Jump in and watch some videos from the past by two of the best

  8. This Might Be The Prettiest Ace You’ll Ever See

    A big shot in Big Sky Country

  9. GIF: The Most Brutal, Hilarious Windy Upshot You’ll Ever See

    Central Coast Disc Golf just posted the first round (Front 9, Back 9) of the 2016 NorCal Champs, which contained this amazing moment on an…

  10. Pro Worlds 2017: Round 2 Video Coverage

    Check out the video coverage from Round 2 at Pro Worlds!

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