It Was A Big Week For Disc Golf Music

Improv, medley and the return of Brock

Marc Rebillet Disc Golf Song

We may not be getting a ton of tournament coverage but the internet came through last week with three of the best disc golf related musical moments in recent memory.

First off, if you aren’t familiar with Marc Rebillet then here’s a quick primer. Rebillet makes music on the fly by taking suggestions from callers on livestreams and sampling his own voice into funky, danceable loops. During his HOT FRESH STREAM last week, a caller recommended he make a jam about his “disc golf gang.”

While maybe you don’t agree with the caller’s version of the sport, the results are nonetheless amazing and are a high watermark in terms of DG-related musical references. If you’re into Rebillet’s vibe he’ll be touring at drive-in theaters this fall for a unique concert experience.

Meanwhile Lonnie Davis put together a medley of himself recreating Starframe’s theme music from Jomez Pro videos. We’re into it.

Starframe Jomez Pro Medley

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the public release of Central Coast Disc Golf’s Starter Pack Challenge 2 and the return of the “Rocking to Brock” intro music.

Starter Pack Challenge Disc Golf

Last week was a good week.

  1. Bennett Wineka
    Bennett Wineka

    Benn started playing disc golf in the '90s but has somehow never gotten any better. He lives in Decatur, Georgia and cares too much about Atlanta United and UNC basketball. Email him at [email protected]


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