Past Articles in Music

  1. Vote: Choosing The Best JomezPro Anthem

    The most recognizable music in disc golf.

  2. Starframe Is Crafting The Soundtrack Of Disc Golf

    For more than five years, Starframe has provided music to JomezPro

  3. Check Out This New Disc Golf Song, “The Greatest Game”

    Most disc golfers express their love for the sport by getting some new discs, a fresh pair of trail shoes, or a PDGA membership.

  4. It Was A Big Week For Disc Golf Music

    Improv, medley and the return of Brock

  5. When It’s Time To Hit The Road, Tycho Hits The Disc Golf Course

    Scott Hansen and his band use the sport to unwind, connect with nature

  6. Breaking Down The Glass Blown Open Walk-Up Music

    Aside from the top-notch disc golf action, bonfires, and a block party, the best part of the Glass Blown Open is the walk-up music.

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