Ultiworld Disc Golf Power Rankings: Post-Ledgestone Open [August 25, 2016]

World championships don't guarantee top slots on this week's list

There may not have been a Pro Worlds hangover for any of the players we cover here at Ultiworld Disc Golf, but we can’t say the same for our own staff. As a result, we were remiss in creating post-Emporia Power Rankings. Still, if there is any tournament that can stand alone as its own Power Rankings, Worlds is it, right? Right. So we’ll just pretend we intended to let the Worlds results shine for a week.

With that out of the way, we sort through upheaval that came to our rankings via a marathon week of disc golf being followed in quick succession by a high-paying A-Tier in the Ledgestone Open. Many players moved down in the rankings, including one high-profile Latitude 64 player who took a backseat to the man he recently unseated. Two other pros sponsored by the Swedish manufacturer, though, jumped from out of nowhere and into the Top 10. Injuries saw Matt Dollar and Paul Ulibarri drop off the list, while on the women’s side the Top 4 shuffles a bit from the last rankings and a new name makes the list after a scorching round.

MPO Power Rankings:
Rank Player Change Prior
Dropped from rankings: Paul Ulibarri (8), Gregg Barsby (17), Drew Gibson (18), Matt Dollar (20)
1 +4 5
2 -1 1
3 - 3
4 -
5 +14 19
6 +3 9
7 -3 4
8 +5 13
9 -
10 -8 2
11 -4 7
12 - 12
13 -3 10
14 -
15 -9 6
16 -
17 -1 16
18 -4 14
19 -8 11
20 -5 15

1. He may not have displayed championship form at Worlds, but Paul McBeth silenced any doubters – and logged an unofficially-rated 1100 round in the process – with an authoritative Ledgestone Open win.

2. Is it fair to knock Ricky Wysocki from the top spot due to a Worlds hangover? We’ve all been there (minus the championship trophy).

3. It’s never flashy, but is there any more of a sure bet than Nate Doss to finish within the Top 5 at any event?

4. Oh hi, Cam Colglazier. Now we know why you populated a top spot on the Disc Golf Pro Tour Power Rankings for so long, despite not touring much. When you show up, you show up.

5. Nikko Locastro flies up the board following his strong week in Emporia and a Top 10 showing at Ledgestone. He’s always exciting to watch when he’s in contention.

6. File Cale Leiviska under “Please Play Worlds Next Year.” Pretty please.

7. Eagle McMahon was a scorecard error away from a Top 4 finish at Worlds. He then went home to crush a C-Tier. It’s going to be fun watching him over the next few years.

8. Jeremy Koling has very quietly rebounded from a rough midseason stretch and likely would have finished higher at Worlds without a disastrous second round. He’ll be one to watch this weekend at the Brent Hambrick Memorial Open.

9. Tied for 9th at Worlds. Tied for 9th at Ledgestone. Matt Orum re-enters the list and shares 9th place with no one.

10. Nate Sexton still ranks at #1 on the Disc Golf Commentator Power Rankings.

11. As much as Alex Geisinger may not deserve to slip four spots after another Top 5 showing, his

12. Philo Brathwaite rebounded from a 21st place tie at Worlds to come up to 12th at Ledgestone. This ranking is right in his wheelhouse.

13. After getting some lead card action at Worlds, Devan Owens slipped a little at Ledgestone. Still, that was his first finish outside the Top 10 since June. Not too shabby.

14. Central Coast Disc Golf homeboy Peter McBride went Top 20 in Emporia and Top 10 in Peoria, but he’s not signed up for the last National Tour event of the season this weekend.

15. Bradley Williams didn’t seem terribly satisfied with the courses at Worlds or Ledgestone. We’ll see how he fares this weekend in Ohio, where he placed 3rd last year when the BHMO was an A-Tier.

16. Cam Todd? Cam Todd, because he came in 5th at Worlds 15 years after his last world title.

17. After sliding to 36th at Worlds, James Conrad used Ledgestone to notch his third straight DGPT Top 10 finish.

18. Michael Johansen started strong at the technical Northwood Park at Ledgestone, but struggled when things opened up at Lake Eureka.

19. K.J. Nybo hangs on the list, but he’ll need to show well at this weekend’s European Championships to climb back up.

20. A 22nd place tie at Ledgestone isn’t stellar for Dutch Napier, but a C-Tier win the week before keeps him on the list.

On the Bubble: Drew Gibson, Paul Ulibarri

FPO Power Rankings:
Rank Player Change Prior
Dropped from rankings: Lesli Todd (8), Ragna Bygde Lewis (9), Eveliina Salonen (10)
1 +1 2
2 +3 5
3 +3 6
4 -3 1
5 -1 4
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -6 3
10 -3 7

1. Despite putting struggles at Worlds that ultimately saw her losing late, Catrina Allen bounced back for a blowout Ledgestone victory.

2. Still buzzing about Valarie Jenkins‘ island shot during the Final 9 of Worlds. That was almost enough to elevate her to #1 overall. So good.

3. Two 2nd place finishes in a row for Paige Pierce, and it just feels like she is poised for a victory in Ohio this weekend…except she’s not registered.

4. Sarah Hokom rounds out the Top 4 after taking that same spot at Worlds and tyinng for 3rd at Ledgestone.

5. One of the surprises of the season, Lisa Fajkus continues to be a Top 5 threat at each event.

6. Des Reading collected a Masters world title, then jumped back to Open at Ledgestone to come in 5th place.

7. Jennifer Allen is on the Matt Orum plan, just two places higher.

8. Welcome to the list, Holly Finley. You certainly deserved it after throwing a 1016-rated third round at Ledgestone. Boom!

9. Madison Walker is clinging to her spot on the list…

10. …As is Zoe Andyke. But only Walker is registered for the BHMO.

On the bubble: Lesli Todd, Eveliina Salonen

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    Steve Hill

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