Past Articles in Touring

  1. Now May Be The Time To Jump Into The Van Life And Disc Golf Touring

    Offices are reopening and more travel-ready rigs are popping up for sale

  2. The Cost of Touring: What Does it Take to Break Even? [Pt. 2]

    Plus: how to equitably approach FPO payouts.

  3. The Cost of Touring: A Fuller Picture [Pt. 1]

    Estimating the cost of being a touring disc golf professional.

  4. How Much It Costs To Live In A Van While On Tour

    A look at how much James Conrad spent on overnight accommodations in 2020

  5. What We’ve Learned Being On The Disc Golf Tour Circuit

    GK Pro was in its first full season on the road and they've already picked up a lot of new knowledge and tips

  6. How Tour Players Are Dealing With Canceled PDGA Events

    Options are limited for touring players who rely on weekly event earning

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