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Past Articles in Mailbag

  1. Mailbag: Disc Golf Capital of the World, Getting More Women & Youth To Play


  2. Mailbag: On the Cloud Breaker 2, Scalping, and a Better Way

    Do the complainers have a point?

  3. Mailbag: Doubles Ratings, How to Get Better, Most Underrated Player

    Welcome to Ultiworld Disc Golf’s mailbag!

  4. The Upshot: Great Lakes Open, Eagle McMahon [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    A down-to-the-wire weekend.

  5. Mailbag: Better Stats, Calvin v. Kevin v. Simon v. Emerson

    Can disc golf stats get even better?

  6. The Upshot: Mega Mailbag, Great Lakes Open [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Some great letters from the listeners.

  7. Mailbag: Most Interesting Shot in Disc Golf, Lack of Social Distancing

    Power or precision? Why not both?

  8. Mailbag: DGPT Restart, Is Disc Golf Pandemic Proof?

    Both the data and the anecdotes seem positive.

  9. Mailbag: Disc Golf on TV, Coaches for Pros?

    Will coaching become a major part of disc golf?

  10. Mailbag: More Putting Circles, Restarting Pro Disc Golf

    Will we get back in July?

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