Mailbag: Tour Championship & Playoffs, DDO, Sponsorship Predix, Clapping for Bad Shots

Some compelling ideas for fixing the Tour Championship and playoffs.

Photo: DGPT.

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Q: Was listening to the recent Upshot podcast about the DGPT Championship as you guys debate the stroke situation and y’all keep referencing the FedEx Cup. As a huge golf fan, it’s worth noting that the FedEx Cup is the PGA Tour’s single greatest failure. It sucks. It’s so bad. Every serious golf fan hates it. Listen to any golf fan podcast — all they do is make fun of it constantly.

To imitate the FedEx cup playoffs is to look at the single worst thing another league does and say “I want that too.” It’s completely insane. The DGPT championship should be better than the FedEx Cup playoffs, because watching a dog chew a stick is better than the FedEx cup playoffs.

The solution is so simple that it’s insulting. The top 8 players play a match play bracket. If you are in the top 8, you are good enough to be crowned champion. The #1 seed’s advantage? Playing the 8 seed OR let them choose their opponent.

Do not let it get more than 8 players. Byes are not an advantage either because the rested player comes out flat.

– Peter L.

A: I am merely a golf casual, but I have definitely heard some less than rosy reviews of the Tour Championship. I definitely don’t watch it, though I typically watch the majors, especially the Masters.

While I hear you about not matching a bad format just because it’s from a bigger sport, I’m not sure I like your solution (and I don’t think players would either).

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