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  1. Mailbag: 2001 USDGC Roc Minted as NFT, Mini-less McBeth

    Would you buy a digital disc?

  2. Mailbag: Paying to Spectate, Nikko on the Worlds Waitlist

    Walking onto the course is a thing of the past.

  3. Mailbag: All-Star 2021 Predix, Europe and US Competition

    Who's going to be top 8 this year?

  4. Mailbag: Gatekeeper Gift, DGN & Jomez Reax, Disc Names in Commentary

    Lots of thoughts on LVC!

  5. 2021 Preseason Mega Mailbag!

    Lots of questions -- answered!

  6. Mailbag: Disc Shortages, Pirate Ship


  7. Mailbag: Solving Crowding Issues, Champions Cup Final Round Idea, Improving Your Game in 2021

    So many new players!

  8. Mailbag: Where Should the PDGA Focus?, James Conrad to MVP

    Will Conrad move the needle?

  9. Mailbag: DGPT Course Quality

    Welcome to Ultiworld Disc Golf’s mailbag!

  10. Mailbag: Will the PDGA Need to Postpone Pro Worlds?

    International travel could still be a sticking point

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