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Darren LeMay

Darren LeMay is a contributor at Ultiworld Disc Golf, practicing disc golfer and volunteer soccer dad. When not working as a finance auditor he attends girls youth soccer practices and tournaments all over the Orlando area literally five or six days a week leaving just enough time to never play disc golf. He loves playing disc golf.

  1. 2019 Disc Of The Year: P Model S

    The debut from Prodigy's Ace Line takes the overall title

  2. Draft Day: Build-A-Bag Edition

    A snake draft to fill out a 10 disc bag, once a mold is picked it's off the board

  3. It’s Luna vs. P Model S For 2019 Disc Of The Year

    Two popular throwing putters pulled away from the field

  4. Tournament Throwback: An Aerial Arkansas Assault

    Our first real look at Disc Side gave us a memorable back-and-forth with Ricky and Simon

  5. Vote: 2019 Disc Release Of The Year

    What disc was a gamechanger last year?

  6. Do Paul McBeth’s Wintertime Open Results Affect His Memorial Championship Finishes?

    Pasadena wins translate to Phoenix

  7. 2019 Roller of the Year: Finals

    It's time to get down

  8. 2019 Air Shot Of The Year: Opening Round

    Scrambles, metal hits, and chainouts -- oh my!

  9. 2019 Putt Of The Year: Opening Round

    The edge-of-your-seat moments that defined the season

  10. 2019 Ace Of The Year: Semifinals

    They all dropped in the bucket, but who did it best?

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