Mailbag: Pitching Disc Golf, Registration Trouble, Contract Buyouts, Optimizing the Majors

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Question of the Week: If you were pitching disc golf to the big guys in sports, apparel, and broadcasting (Nike, IOC, Disney/ESPN, etc.), what do you think is the most impressive stat to bring up? PDGA members, total worldwide players, total sales revenue, YouTube viewership, Disc Golf Network subscription/live viewership, Paul/Ricky contract size, etc. 

I was having this argument with a buddy today, and we were between either Disc Golf Network subscribers or player contracts.

– Ezra J.

A: I often talk to friends, family, and acquaintances about what I do — writing and talking about disc sports for a living — and as a result have been talking a ton about the growth of disc golf and what an amazing couple of years it has been for the sport.

To give context to people about how big things are getting, I talk about the million dollar a year endorsement contracts.

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