Past Articles in Jussi Meresmaa

  1. The Upshot: Jussi Meresmaa, Krokhol Open [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Tattar back in action post-injury!

  2. 2023 Fandom Survey: How Fans Feel about Disc Manufacturers

    A detailed analysis of the disc manufacturers preferred by varied segments of disc golf fans

  3. The Upshot: PCS Recap, FPO Changes, Jussi Meresmaa, European Open Preview [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    The DGPT's massive FPO decision interrupts an exciting week of European disc golf

  4. The Upshot Interview #12: Jussi Meresmaa [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    A wave of changes.

  5. The European Re-Open: Q&A with Jussi Meresmaa

    A chat with the Discmania owner and founder.

  6. Inside Discmania’s Decision to Open a Dedicated Factory

    Jussi Meresmaa on why the company left Innova, what's next.

  7. European Open in Doubt As COVID Wave Sweeps Across Europe

    Decision coming in the next month

  8. DGPT to Host Inaugural Match Play Tournament in September

    A new event on tour will feature head-to-head disc golf

  9. European Open Set to Move Forward This Summer

    International players, spectators still in question

  10. Mailbag: Finland’s Disc Golf Boom, Limiting Field Sizes

    Welcome to Ultiworld Disc Golf’s mailbag!

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