Past Articles in Discs

  1. Tuesday Tips: The Power of New

    Using the Novelty Effect to play better disc golf (without wrecking your game)

  2. 2020 Disc Of The Year: Finalists

    It's Prodigy vs. Discraft. Which disc stayed in your bag all season?

  3. 2020 Disc Of The Year: The Candidates

    What disc made the most difference in your game? Vote now.

  4. Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Think Shots, Not Discs – Pt. 6]

    Now, we put it all together.

  5. Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Forehand Discs – Pt. 5]

    Is there even such a thing?

  6. Roots Of Flight: The History of Discs

    How did we go from the Frisbee to the modern disc?

  7. Disc Golf Sustainability and the World’s First Fully-Recycled Golf Disc

    Jesse Stedman of Trash Panda is attempting to do what no one else has

  8. Why You Keep Buying More Discs, According to Science

    Four ways collecting discs just means you’re healthy.

  9. Video: When You Think About It There Are Too Many Disc Choices

    Latitude 64 Beginner Choosing A Disc

  10. 3 Irreplaceable Discs In My Bag: GK Pro’s Bobby Cox

    Bobby Cox from GK Pro shares three discs that aren't leaving his bag

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