Roots Of Flight: The History of Discs

How did we go from the Frisbee to the modern disc?

Unlike the disc golf target, golf discs have undergone dramatic changes from the very first Frisbee intentionally thrown at a tree. The most important change was the introduction of the beveled edge in 1983 with Dave Dunipace #987 releasing the Innova Eagle/Aero. Dave and Jeff Homburg #1025, the PDGA technical standards chair, take us through the evolution of the golf disc from the playful catch Frisbee to the wide-wing drivers we throw today.

Roots Of Flight: Discs

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Hosted, written, and produced by Gabe LaBounty – IG: @grizzlygingerdg – Twitter: @GGDiscGolf

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Don’t miss our subscriber-only segment featuring insight from Dave Dunipace into how to specialize a golf disc for shorter distances with the Aviar, how he pushed the wing out wider with the Viper, and reaching the speed limit with the Colossus.

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