Past Articles in 2018 Waco Annual Charity Open

  1. Measuring FPO Strokes Gained And Lost Putting At WACO

    Strokes gained and lost on the green proved influential in determining the FPO winner

  2. The Upshot: WACO, Jeremy Koling, RamPAIGE

    Koling wins WACO in a one-hole playoff. Sound familiar?

  3. Koling Wins WACO Again In A Playoff

    Hazardous weather caused delay late in final round

  4. Pierce Completes Comeback WACO Win

    Hokom finished a close second after re-taking lead with one hole left

  5. Chance Of Storms Enter Waco Forecast Today

    The possibility of severe weather could hamper WACO finish

  6. Koling Takes WACO Lead Looking To Repeat

    McBeth and Perkins are a close second

  7. Hokom Holds Six Stroke Lead At WACO

    Pierce moves into second place

  8. Simon Lizotte Forced To Withdraw From WACO

    Back-to-back wins weren't in the cards for Lizotte

  9. Owens Outpaces WACO Field In Opening Round

    McBeth, Koling just one shot behind

  10. Sarah Hokom Leads WACO After One Round

    Allen, Pierce, Fajkus round out the top four

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