Introducing the Ultiworld Disc Golf World Rankings + New Composite World Rankings

A new way of evaluating disc golf performance over a longer time frame.

Kristin Tattar holding the DDO 2022 trophy. Photo: DGPT

As part of our coverage leading up to the United States Disc Golf Championships, Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship, and DGPT Championships, Ultiworld Disc Golf is debuting our own World Rankings. These world rankings are based on the methods used for the algorithmic component of our Power Rankings. However, unlike the Power Ranking, which follow a “what have you done for me lately?” philosophy with a heavy bias towards recent results, the UWDG World Rankings are more holistic: they attempt to capture a long-term view of who has been the best player over the last two years.

Without further ado, here are the UWDG World Rankings top 25 for both MPO and FPO:

We’ve worked on fine tuning our World Rankings model for some time (more details below) and are excited to finally share them. However, we fully admit that our rankings are only one of many that are now available, and, in fact, the best rankings are most likely a combination of the most popular world rankings available. So, we took some inspiration from Nate Silver’s 538 and developed a composite world ranking that combines our rankings along with those produced by the PDGA, UDisc, and Statmando into a single combined ranking set.

Your gut reaction to this composite ranking might be one of concern: Is it meaningful to combine all of these seemingly disparate ranking systems? The answer is yes! The fact that all of these systems use slightly different methods to rank players means that a composite ranking will capture all of these different aspects of player performance and produce a potentially better ranking. It is the concept of “wisdom of the crowd” in action.

Here is the first edition of the Composite World Disc Golf Rankings for both MPO and FPO:


We built our world ranking system from the objective algorithm used as a part of our power rankings. We started by standardizing the round scores from all Elite Series and Major events from the 2020, 2021, and 2022 seasons, then weighted them by payout and strength of field. A better (lower) score gets a higher standardized score and events with higher payouts and stronger fields get more weight.

The better you score, the more you win. To more accurately compare tournaments, we focus on scoring. Players that routinely go low have better objective metric values. Because par—total par and difficulty—changes week to week and scoring conditions fluctuate based on numerous confounding variables like layout, course type (e.g. open vs. wooded), and weather, we opted to use standardized scores instead of raw scores.

Competition and cash bonuses. To be the best, you need to beat the best week in and week out. Even within our relatively select cadre of qualifying events, not all tournaments are created equal. So we added a multiplier based on the number of 1000 rated players for MPO/920 rated players for FPO and purse (amount of prize money) for a given tournament. Our logic? A bigger purse typically attracts a deeper, more competitive field. What this means in practice is that a player who outscores a field of thirty 1000 (or 920) rated players gets more credit than a player who outscores a field with 10.

These weighted scores were then modified according to how recently they were played using a time decay function. The most recent event is not subject to a time decay, but the weighted scores of the second most recent event were reduced by 1%. The weighted scores of the third most recent event were decayed by nearly 2%1. This decay was applied to all of the events included in the model, resulting in more points for more recent events and fewer points for more distant ones. Finally, these time-decayed and weighted scores of events occurring within the past two years were averaged across events for each player. The players were ranked according to this average.2

For the composite rankings, we took the points associated with the top 50 players in the PDGA, UDisc, Statmando, and UWDG World Rankings and scaled them so that the 50th ranked player had 0 points and the first ranked player had the highest number of points. Then, we summed the points across rankings and used them to produce the composite ranking.

Detailed Rankings

For a closer look at the point values that comprise the above rankings, here are the full point tables for both the UWDG World Rankings and the Composite World Rankings:

UWDG MPO World Rankings

1Paul McBeth2.56
2Richard Wysocki2.48
3Chris Dickerson2.27
4Matthew Orum2.24
5Eagle Wynne McMahon2.15
6Calvin Heimburg2.08
7Gannon Buhr2.03
8Isaac Robinson1.83
9Simon Lizotte1.76
10Kyle Klein1.73
11Kevin Jones1.61
12Joel Freeman1.54
13Nathan Sexton1.54
14James Conrad1.39
15Chris Clemons1.34
16Drew Gibson1.32
17Anthony Barela1.31
18Corey Ellis1.26
19Mason Ford1.22
20Adam Hammes1.21
21Cale Leiviska1.17
22Nikko Locastro1.13
23Gregg Barsby1.12
24Bradley Williams1.1
25Ezra Aderhold1.07

UWDG FPO World Rankings

1Kristin Tattar3.01
2Paige Pierce2
3Catrina Allen1.8
4Ohn Scoggins1.79
5Missy Gannon1.55
6Valerie Mandujano1.46
7Hailey King1.41
8Henna Blomroos1.4
9Eveliina Salonen1.33
10Holyn Handley1.31
11Macie Velediaz1.19
12Sarah Hokom1.17
13Ella Hansen1.14
14Natalie Ryan1.07
15Emily Beach0.85
16Alexis Mandujano0.78
17Lisa Fajkus0.73
18Jennifer Allen0.72
19Kat Mertsch0.67
20Keiti Tätte0.66
21Jessica Weese0.64
22Juliana Korver0.62
23Heather Young0.6
24Maria Oliva0.59
25Madison Walker0.56

Composite MPO World Disc Golf Rankings

RankPlayerUWDGPDGAUDiscStatmandoComposite Total
1Richard Wysocki3.523.423.914.5615.41
2Paul McBeth3.673.393.473.9114.44
3Chris Dickerson3.
4Calvin Heimburg2.783.232.553.0011.56
5Eagle Wynne McMahon2.912.373.611.7210.61
6Gannon Buhr2.692.892.751.8510.19
7Simon Lizotte2.192.522.912.379.99
8Matthew Orum3.082.912.561.319.85
9Kyle Klein2.132.642.121.658.53
10Joel Freeman1.782.781.961.377.89
11Isaac Robinson2.322.471.950.997.73
12Corey Ellis1.261.782.241.196.47
13Kevin Jones1.912.011.380.916.21
14Chris Clemons1.412.341.570.756.06
15James Conrad1.502.
16Drew Gibson1.372.
17Adam Hammes1.171.751.291.225.43
18Nathan Sexton1.781.981.430.165.35
19Anthony Barela1.351.621.490.595.06
20Bradley Williams0.961.621.280.704.56
21Aaron Gossage0.691.871.160.784.50
22Nikko Locastro1.021.480.960.473.93
23Alden Harris0.701.301.280.513.79
24Mason Ford1.191.440.680.493.79
25Gregg Barsby1.

Composite FPO World Disc Golf Rankings

RankPlayerUWDGPDGAUDiscStatmandoComposite Total
1Kristin Tattar4.673.384.104.4516.61
2Paige Pierce3.093.323.083.6713.15
3Catrina Allen2.783.192.503.3011.76
4Ohn Scoggins2.763.023.042.2611.08
5Missy Gannon2.382.972.892.7911.03
6Valerie Mandujano2.242.992.602.5010.34
7Hailey King2.162.692.441.708.99
8Henna Blomroos2.
9Natalie Ryan1.632.302.971.768.66
10Eveliina Salonen2.042.502.921.198.64
11Sarah Hokom1.792.592.281.588.24
12Holyn Handley2.012.022.651.047.71
13Ella Hansen1.742.362.241.297.64
14Macie Velediaz1.821.952.140.886.79
15Kat Mertsch1.002.322.101.166.58
16Emily Beach1.291.951.580.805.62
17Jennifer Allen1.081.811.660.685.22
18Alexis Mandujano1.181.901.360.745.18
19Lisa Fajkus1.101.741.530.785.16
20Jessica Weese0.961.491.700.804.95
21Maria Oliva0.881.891.380.784.92
22Juliana Korver0.931.591.240.644.39
23Deann Carey0.411.162.090.644.30
24Madison Walker0.831.381.270.574.05
25Rebecca Cox0.641.401.240.663.94

Share your thoughts on our new UWDG World Rankings and the newly developed Composite World Rankings in the comments below!

  1. Each tournament’s score is multiplied by 0.99^n, where n is the number of events prior to the most recent one 

  2. We also set a minimum threshold of participation at 15 events. If a player competed in fewer than 15 events over the previous two years, their average was calculated using a denominator of 15. This acts as a handicap of sorts, reducing the average time-decay weighted scores for those who competed in fewer than 15 events. 

  1. Aaron Howard
    Aaron Howard

    Aaron Howard is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Franklin & Marshall College. He loves to play disc golf and to think about things he loves quantitatively. Contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Instagram.

  2. Charlie Eisenhood
    Charlie Eisenhood

    Charlie Eisenhood is the publisher of Ultiworld Disc Golf. You can contact him at [email protected].

  3. Patrick Aubyrn
    Patrick Aubyrn

    Patrick Aubyrn is a staff writer at Ultiworld Disc Golf and the editor of the UWDG Power Rankings. PDGA #27904. Follow him on Instagram (@patrick.aubyrn).

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