Past Articles in Statistics

  1. What Does History Tell Us about the MPO Round 1 Results At 2023 Pro Worlds?

    You can't win during the opening round, but you do have stay close

  2. Moving Beyond Scoring Average: A Breakdown of Hole 18 at the Preserve

    A deeper dive into one of the best finishing holes on tour.

  3. Hot & Cold Starts in 2023

    Who’s on fire and who wishes it was still 2022?

  4. UWDG World Rankings + Composite World Rankings: April 18, 2023 Update

    The rankings just before the first major of 2023.

  5. UWDG World Rankings + Composite World Rankings: November 1, 2022 Update

    Where do things stand at the end of the 2022 season?

  6. Introducing the Ultiworld Disc Golf World Rankings + New Composite World Rankings

    A new way of evaluating disc golf performance over a longer time frame.

  7. Why Do PDGA “Rating Points Per Stroke” Vary?

    More throws mean less weight on each one.

  8. Mailbag: Matty O, Is Worlds Too Important?, Removing A Half Stroke from Par, Champions Cup

    Is Matty O gonna win one?

  9. Adjusting Hole Scoring Averages for Field Strength

    Comparing apples to apples.

  10. These Holes Have Been The Difference Makers At W.R. Jackson

    Could these separators in 2019 rear their heads again with a Major on the line?

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