Mailbag: Tour Series Disc Strategy, College Disc Golf Growth, All-Star Wildcards

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Question of the Week: Innova has been dropping runs of Team Champion Tour Series Discs. From what I’ve seen, James Proctor’s Metal Flake Max has been selling the best out of all of them. This is likely for two reasons: The stamp is a retro Innova style, and people love to buy discs they can’t throw or don’t need (99% of disc golfers have no use for a metal flake Max in their bag).

Seeing this I have some observations:

1. Choose a disc that isn’t also someone else’s tour series disc. Last year, there were both Sexton and Marwede Firebirds. Guess which one people are going to buy if they only buy one? This year, Zack Johnson has a color glow tour series Firebird. Why, Zack?

2. What Innova pro is going to step up and make the Halo Polecat their tour series disc?! That would sell, and they would make a lot of money from it. They could put one in their bag and throw it for lay-up shots or not even use it much but they would become a lot more popular because of it.

3. If I’m on Team Champion, I’m choosing a tour series disc that will make me money, not my favorite mold. Who is going to choose a popular mold that hasn’t been a tour series disc recently? Teebird (not Teebird3) and Leopard (not Leopard3) were #10 and #11 on Infinite Discs most sold discs in 2020. Neither one of these is selected as a tour series disc. Someone pick one of these discs as their tour series disc! These are discs that people are buying and when they lose one they will want to buy another of the same mold.

Am I wrong in my thinking?

– Bill E.

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