Ultiworld Disc Golf Power Rankings: Post-Beaver State Fling [June 15, 2016]

Disc golf giveth, and disc golf taketh away.

One week after ceding the top spot on the Power Rankings to defending world champion Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki roared back at the Beaver State Fling to reclaim the pole position, marking his second time to head the list. It was an authoritative rebound after a transatlantic flight, but it wasn’t the only prominent move on our big board. Aside from that shuffle at the top, the Professional Disc Golf Association’s latest National Tour stop served to shake things up down to the bottom, with two players dropping off the list entirely to make room for the re-entry of some stalwart names that performed relatively well outside Portland.

MPO Power Rankings:
Rank Player Change Prior
Dropped from rankings: Seppo Paju (15), Eric Oakley (17)
1 +1 2
2 -1 1
3 - 3
4 +6 10
5 +4 9
6 +5 11
7 -3 4
8 +4 12
9 -4 5
10 -4 6
11 -4 7
12 +2 14
13 -5 8
14 +4 18
15 -
16 +4 20
17 -4 13
18 -2 16
19 -
20 -1 19

1. Last week, we wondered aloud in these very rankings how Ricky Wysocki would respond after the European Open. He answered those questions with a dominant showing at the Beaver State Fling that puts him back on top.

2. Paul McBeth has gotten in the habit of digging himself some early holes this season, and last weekend’s was just too deep.

3. He didn’t play last weekend, but Simon Lizotte has still provided plenty of entertainment via social media as he tours Finland. His return against a full field at the European Masters next month is hotly anticipated.

4. Second place at the BSF, as well as going massively viral, vaults Philo Brathwaite way up the board this week. Would anyone have disagreed if we put him in the number one slot? His albatross put disc golf in the mainstream conversation, at least for a couple days.

5. Nate Sexton continues to heat up, as he racks up a second consecutive Top-10 finish heading into the Vibram Open.

6. In a post-BSF interview, Paul Ulibarri mentioned that he feels like he is on the verge of breaking through for a big win. His final hot round in Oregon might just be the momentum he needs.

7. K.J. Nybo gets knocked down the board, along with a few others, due to not playing over the weekend. A strong European Masters performance will go a long way toward cementing his Top-10 status this season.

8. Nikko Locastro played truly steady golf for the first time at any National Tour event this season, with his round ratings staying within 13 points of each other through the weekend.

9. Another victim of the vacation drop, Nate Doss heads to Maple Hill looking to crack the Top-5 at the event for the first time since his 2011 Vibram victory.

10. Jeremy Koling knows his woods golf, and he’ll use that experience to try and improve on his fifth place finish at last year’s Vibram Open.

11. It took Eagle McMahon a little too long to get hot at the BSF, as his 16-under par for the tournament’s last two rounds weren’t enough to overcome the combined 4-under he carded in the first two.

12. Slowly but surely, Drew Gibson is putting together a solid season. This is the third week in a row he has climbed in the Power Rankings.

13. The Jared Roan revival show hit a snag in Oregon. He’ll look to rebound at the Vibram, where he finished 16th last year.

14. Dustin Keegan will take his successful West Coast swing nationwide, as it looks like he’ll be playing the upcoming Disc Golf Pro Tour events.

15. Lefty power was in full effect at the Beaver State Fling, as Devan Owens gets back on the list with an eighth place finish.

16. Are we the only ones impressed with Cam Todd’s continued strong play in the Open division? He could play Masters, but continues to bring it against the young bucks of the PDGA tour.

17. He struggled a bit at a local B-Tier over the weekend, but Zackeriath Johnson gets a pass because he was also running the event. Major props for double duty.

18. Gregg Barsby is hitting the gym? We’ll see if getting swole helps him improve on his runner-up finish at last year’s Vibram Open.

19. Welcome back, Will Schusterick. Let’s see if the veteran can continue to get his season back on track.

20. Steve Rico isn’t playing any big events until July, but look for him to bring the fireworks when he returns to the tour.

On the Bubble: Seppo Paju, Peter McBride

FPO Power Rankings:
Rank Player Change Prior
1 - 1
2 +2 4
3 - 3
4 -2 2
5 +2 7
6 - 6
7 +2 9
8 -3 5
9 -1 8
10 - 10

1. Catrina Allen with a shot of adrenaline after her big Beaver State Fling win seems like a scary prospect for the rest of the Open Women’s division.

2. That said, so does a healthy Paige Pierce, if she’s even at 100 percent yet.

3. She’s only 19 and still growing into her game, so we’ll look for Paige Bjerkaas to keep putting up strong showings.

4. Valarie Jenkins’ return to play at the Vibram Open should make the top of the Women’s Open division more than a two-player race.

5. Melodie Bailey continues to impress, but it seems she’ll keep it mostly regional until Worlds.

6. Des Reading, meanwhile, will be hitting a majority of the Disc Golf Pro Tour events, which should set up for some quality FPO play.

7. A fourth place Beaver State finish marked Zoe Andyke’s best National Tour showing in 2016.

8. With her 902 rating making her the third-ranked player registered in the Women’s Open division, Eveliina Salonen could make some noise at the upcoming Finnish National Championships.

9. Madison Walker has yet to finish outside the Top-10 in her 13 tournament appearances this season.

10. Lesli Todd took a little bit of a slide at the Beaver State Fling, as her 13th place finish marked her lowest finish since the Memorial Championships.

On the bubble: Karina Nowels, Jennifer Allen, Sarah Hokom

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