Past Articles in Putting

  1. Tuesday Tips: Using A Straddle Stance On Uphill and Downhill Putts

    How a change in approach can keep your putting game on point

  2. Tuesday Tips: 5 Common Beginner Putting Routine Mistakes

    Make those hours on the basket truly count with a couple helpful reminders

  3. A Guide To YouTube Putting Instruction: Part 1

    One writer's deep dive into the voluminous resources for help inside the circle

  4. Finland’s Jalle Stoor Laughs At Your Putting Practice Routine

    Seriously though, teach us. Please?

  5. How To Dismantle A Sockibomb

    Breaking down Ricky Wysocki's putt, one of the most deadly in the game

  6. GIF: Watch Ricky Wysocki’s 50-Foot Putt To Win The Majestic


  7. WATCH: NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Putts At Daytona Media Event

    Who's up for some celebrity disc golf?

  8. McBeth Plans Putting Style Change To Combat Knee Pain

    Reigning world champion thinks straddle stance will limit fatigue

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