Past Articles in Instruction

  1. Tuesday Tips: A Guide to Instructional Disc Golf Content on YouTube

    84 videos that will help you crush your New Year's disc golf resolutions.

  2. Bartholomew Notches Two Aces In One Round At Dogwood Crosstown Classic

    Newfound forehand confidence came from lessons with Scott Stokely

  3. Tuesday Tips: Coming Out Of Winter

    How to break bad habits picked up during the offseason

  4. How To Gain Distance And Raise Your Rating: Part 2

    You've dropped the extra weight, now to keep it off

  5. How To Gain Distance And Raise Your Rating: Part 1

    If it works for a 40-year-old it can work for you

  6. Notes on an A-Tier: Fin

    Takeaways from a year's worth of preparation

  7. Your Blueprint For Better Putting

    There's still time to reengineer your putting game

  8. Mailbag: Learning to Play, Crude Comments Towards Women, Brodie Smith’s First Rated Round

    Welcome to Ultiworld Disc Golf’s brand new mailbag!

  9. Tuesday Tips: In Praise Of The Common Bandana

    A simple piece of fabric could save your butt on the course

  10. Tuesday Tips: Tourney Time – The Day Of

    Making sure Good Nervous beats out Bad Nervous

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