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Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews is a college professor and disc golfer in Bloomington, Indiana. He came to disc golf from traditional golf and, even though he is 50 and playing on bad knees, managed to reach 950 rated through course management and playing smart. He is sponsored by Skybreed Discs.

  1. A Passion for Plastic: The Rise of Skybreed Discs

    Out of a desire to help people find discs they loved grew a thriving business.

  2. Tuesday Tips: The Pressure of Playing Smart

    Don't sabotage yourself.

  3. Tuesday Tips: Should You Throw a Mixed Bag?

    The one true brand.

  4. Tuesday Tips: Commit to Your Line — And Your Disc

    Whatever shot you choose, go for it.

  5. Tuesday Tips: When to Switch Disc Golf Divisions (And Avoid Sandbagging!)

    Moving on up?

  6. Tuesday Tips: Don’t Be Bullied by the Course

    You don't have to take the "obvious" line.

  7. Tuesday Tips: Disc Golf Course Management [Pt. 2 – Learn to Score with These Six Shots]

    Key tips for less experienced players.

  8. Tuesday Tips: Disc Golf Course Management [Pt. 1 – No Hard Shots]

    Playing great disc golf isn't just about being a skillful thrower.

  9. Tuesday Tips: Equipment Hacks for Better Disc Golf Rounds

    All the gear you never knew you needed, crowdsourced from our community!

  10. Tuesday Tips: Disc Golf for the Older Athlete

    Know your limits to maximize your abilities.

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