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Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews is a college professor and disc golfer in Bloomington, Indiana. He came to disc golf from traditional golf and, even though he is 50 and playing on bad knees, managed to reach 950 rated through course management and playing smart.

  1. Tuesday Tips: Equipment Hacks for Better Disc Golf Rounds

    All the gear you never knew you needed, crowdsourced from our community!

  2. Tuesday Tips: Disc Golf for the Older Athlete

    Know your limits to maximize your abilities.

  3. Tuesday Tips: Alternative Disc Golf Formats for Fresh Challenges

    Go beyond stroke play for more fun on the course.

  4. Tuesday Tips: How to Play Great Disc Golf Doubles

    Take advantage of the team dynamic.

  5. Tuesday Tips: When Good Rounds Go Bad — Overcoming Mental Meltdowns

    Don't let one bad shot become two.

  6. Tuesday Tips: Using a Preshot Routine to Unlock your Throw

    You have to switch between analysis and performance.

  7. Tuesday Tips: Video Killed the Disc Golf Star

    Video analysis is a great tool, but use it carefully.

  8. Tuesday Tips: Build Your Disc Golf Swing [Positions, Timing, and Tempo]

    It's not all about "perfect form."

  9. Tuesday Tips: Finding Your Tournament Persona

    Know yourself to play your best.

  10. Tuesday Tips: Disc Golf Field Work [The Course as Practice Field – Pt. 6]

    You can still practice while playing a round.

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