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Steve Andrews is a college professor and disc golfer in Bloomington, Indiana. He came to disc golf from traditional golf and, even though he is 50 and playing on bad knees, managed to reach 950 rated through course management and playing smart. He is sponsored by Skybreed Discs.

  1. Tuesday Tips: How to Test or Review a Disc

    Be honest about the disc -- and yourself.

  2. Tuesday Tips: Managing Wind in Disc Golf

    I hate wind. In all honesty, I would rather play in a foot of snow than wind. And I’m from Tampa.

  3. Tuesday Tips: How to Throw a Standstill Shot

    When you need to take the footwork out of the equation.

  4. Tuesday Tips: How to Throw a Flex Shot

    Flex on 'em.

  5. Tuesday Tips: Managing the Pressure of High Expectations in Disc Golf

    Next shot.

  6. Tuesday Tips: How to Throw the Hyzerflip

    Shape your shot to get the most out of your discs.

  7. Tuesday Tips: Think Like a Caddie to Improve Your Game

    Prepare like you would if you were caddying for a pro.

  8. The 2022 Disc Golf Season Mega-Preview

    The stories we're following to start the season.

  9. The European Re-Open: Q&A with Blær Örn Ásgeirsson

    The Icelandic wunderkind is ready for a full tour.

  10. The European Re-Open: Q&A with Kristin Tattar

    Fresh off a highly successful US mini-tour in 2021, Kristin Tattar is ready for a full US tour.

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