Top 10 USDGC Rollers

Air shots are great, but who doesn't like to get down?

There were a total of 28 rollers captured during the three rounds of recorded coverage provided by Jomez Productions and available on The SpinTV channel during last week’s United States Disc Golf Championship. That’s a lot of rolling. Here are the top 10 rollers from the USDGC, ranked:

1) Number one has to go to Eagle McMahon’s tee shot on hole 2 during the final round. He ended up with about a 45-foot putt after this, which means this roller went at least 580-feet, uphill too. Wow. Will there ever be a better shot off the tee on this hole?

Eagle Hole 2 Roller


2) We’re sticking with the same round and same hole for the second one. Here’s Jeremy Koling leaving himself with a mere 80-foot approach after a 500+ foot roller.

Jerm Hole 2 Roller


3) McMahon’s roller on hole 13 in round one checks up just in time.

Eagle Hole 13 Roller


4) Getting rollers to work in the rain on wet ground is not easy. Nikko Locastro does just that, though, on hole 11 during round 3.

Nikko Hole 11 Roller


5) And again Locastro – proving rain doesn’t matter – rolls on hole 13. Look at that thing finally flip up and turn right just at the perfect time.

Locastro Hole 13 Roller


6) Koling’s round 2 roller on hole 13 gets down in a hurry.

Koling Hole 13 Roller


7) It’s not all young guns here, as Patrick Brown keeps this one low and avoids the ropes on hole 11 in round 2.

Brown Hole 11 Roller


8) Guardian trees…what guardian trees?

Guardian Trees Roller


9) This list would feel incomplete without a solid forehand roller. Here’s Ken Climo pulling one out and getting up and down to save the bogey – of course ‘the champ’ gets up and down – on hole 15.

Climo FH Roller


10) Forget about tree love. How about puddle love?

Puddle Love

  1. Alex Colucci
    Alex Colucci

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