Reason Number 5,347 Why Simon Lizotte Is Ridiculous

German phenom returns with another trick shot video

It wasn’t all big wind and broken records at the High Desert Distance Challenge. In fact, with winds below five miles per hour on the second day of the competition, participants had plenty of down time.

Simon Lizotte put that down time to use, creating another one of his patented trick shots by skipping an Innova Blizzard Condor off the hard-packed desert earth, under a moving Discmania RV and hitting chains low on the right side. Nothing but net.

Simon Lizotte Skip Shot

While the shot looked like a breeze, Lizotte said it took about 15 attempts to put it in the basket.

“I hit the RV a bunch of times,” he said.

The idea for the trick was a joint effort between Lizotte and Eric Oakley, a fellow Discmania-sponsored pro who is touring alongside the German phenom this summer. Jordan and Bird would be proud.

“We kind of worked on it together,” Lizotte said. “Eric had the skip idea under the RV, and then I said ‘Yeah, let’s make it a moving RV,’ and we just kind of worked on it and figured it out together.”

As the driver, Oakley said his job was relatively easy, as he piloted the motor home at about five to ten miles per hour over an ideal spot for skipping.

“Most of the time when it comes to those trick shots it’s mainly about working with Simon to make sure he feels comfortable, especially if we’re involving other moving parts for him,” Oakley said. “I got my speed right, and once I got that, once I got the distance right, it was a matter of time before he smashed it.”

The skip shot was not the only trick attempted that day, Lizotte said. Another was left on the cutting room floor.

“I was on the RV and Eric was driving, and I was throwing a shot up to the sky and then we would follow the disc with the RV and I would catch it again,” Lizotte said. “But it didn’t work and it didn’t even look that great, so we stopped trying it.”

Plus, wasn’t it kind of dangerous?

“It was a little sketchy, for sure,” Lizotte said.

Check out a mix of Lizotte’s greatest trick shot hits here.

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