Past Articles in Trick shot

  1. Insane Disc Golf Valley Skip Aces Have Us Questioning Why We Bother Trying

    Disc Golf Valley Skip Aces

  2. Trick Shot: Paul Ulibarri Throws Between Two Sets Of Goal Posts Into Basketball Hoop

    Dang, man.

  3. Video: Disc Golf Trick Shots Have Evolved To Include Skateboarding

    Skateboarding Disc Golf Trick Shots

  4. Video: Lizotte, McBeth Join Ultimate Player Brodie Smith For Trick Shot Battle

    A showdown a year in the making

  5. Chris Dickerson Shoots Skeet With A Football And Disc

    Chris Dickerson Football Skeet Trick Shot

  6. Wysocki Gets In Some Putting Practice…From His Van

    Trick shot putts from the 2x world champ

  7. Finland’s Jalle Stoor Laughs At Your Putting Practice Routine

    Seriously though, teach us. Please?

  8. McBeth’s Wake-And-Make Putt Lands On ESPN’s Sportscenter

    No sleep, no problem for the world champ.

  9. Reason Number 5,347 Why Simon Lizotte Is Ridiculous

    German phenom returns with another trick shot video

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