Past Articles in Tournament Talk

  1. Tournament Talk: Playoffs?

    I didn't quite get the postseason feel.

  2. Tournament Talk: A Win is a Win

    Ricky's comments on Worlds have everyone talking

  3. Tournament Talk: The Start of the Final Stretch

    A groundbreaking win -- and a jumbled POTY race

  4. Tournament Talk: A Chaotic Season Reaches the Halfway Mark

    Surprise winners, surprise struggles.

  5. Tournament Talk: A Light Reign in Portland

    What makes Simon so popular?

  6. Tournament Talk: Only The Best

    Taking the Simon Line out of the Simon doesn't make him any less fun to watch.

  7. Tournament Talk: The Wind Can’t Stop Ricky and Kristin

    Finding a begrudging appreciation of DDO

  8. Tournament Talk: Redemptive Wins for Heimburg, Tattar

    Wins long in the making.

  9. Tournament Talk: Chatting Champions Cup

    A great way to kick off major season.

  10. Tournament Talk: The Texas Swing Comes to a Close

    The last Elite Series stop before the Champions Cup

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