Past Articles in Tips

  1. A DIY Guide To Securing A Disc Golf Sponsorship

    With an understanding of how to create a win-win situation and reasonable expectations, even amateurs can find a way to get a sponsor. 

  2. How Cleaning Up My Yard Fixed My Putting

    A little bit of landscaping went a long way in my practice routine

  3. Tuesday Tips: Coming Out Of Winter

    How to break bad habits picked up during the offseason

  4. How To Gain Distance And Raise Your Rating: Part 2

    You've dropped the extra weight, now to keep it off

  5. How To Gain Distance And Raise Your Rating: Part 1

    If it works for a 40-year-old it can work for you

  6. Notes on an A-Tier: Fin

    Takeaways from a year's worth of preparation

  7. Don’t Let The Bad Breaks Break You

    3 (and a half) tips to keep your mental game strong

  8. Tuesday Tips: In Praise Of The Common Bandana

    A simple piece of fabric could save your butt on the course

  9. Tuesday Tips: Tourney Time – The Day Of

    Making sure Good Nervous beats out Bad Nervous

  10. Tuesday Tips: Tourney Time – The Week Before

    Getting your head right with on-course preparation

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