Past Articles in Player Ratings

  1. Kristin Tattar Becomes Highest-Rated Female Player of All Time

    Tattar was just a few tenths of a point away from reaching the 1000 mark

  2. The European Re-Open: Five Key Storylines in 2022

    There is a lot to be excited about in the upcoming 2022 professional disc golf season.

  3. Ratings Rundown: July 2021

    A German hits 1050.

  4. Pierce Edges Closer To 1000 Rating

    McMahon becomes outright highest-ranked player for first time

  5. Visualizing Player Ratings from the 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour

    How did the top disc golfers on tour stack up in 2020?

  6. For First Time in Seven Years, Paul McBeth Isn’t The #1 Rated Player in the World

    Wysocki has taken solo possession of the top spot for the first time since 2013

  7. Heimburg, Pierce Hit New Rating Milestones

    Ricky Wysocki also hits rating high

  8. When Will Paige Pierce Break 1000? A Re-Evaluation

    Is the world champ still on pace to reach 1000 by 2022?

  9. Is McBeth’s Rating The Result of Inflation?

    Inflation is real, but does it explain McBeth's 1062?

  10. Paige Pierce Continues To Set Ratings Records

    McBeth also sets new high

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