Past Articles in MVP Disc Sports

  1. Worlds Spotlight: Team MVP’s Jeff Faes

    Team MVP’s Jeff ‘Faeser Beam’ Faes stars in our fourth installment of the Worlds Spotlight.

  2. Worlds Spotlight: Team MVP’s Jacob Sanders

    Jacob Sanders battles with Brewster Ridge in this 2nd installment of the Worlds Spotlight!

  3. How Well Do Pros Perform After Changing Sponsors?

    New discs translate to a learning curve, or do they

  4. Media, Player & Sponsor Dynamics In Light Of McCray’s Vintage Open Request

    How a small incident effects precedent in a growing sport

  5. Matt Dollar Moves To MVP

    MVP makes a late team move.

  6. The Upshot: Olympics, NT Bonuses, Wintertime Open

    Should disc golf pursue the Olympics?

  7. MVP Disc Sports Launches First Pro Team

    Michigan brand branching out after seven years in the marketplace

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