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Jack Trageser

Jack Tupp (Trageser) runs School of Disc Golf in Santa Cruz, CA and has published two books on disc golf: Three Paths to Better Disc Golf and The Disc Golf Revolution. After a long hiatus from tournament play he’s competing again and loving the grind. His goal of regaining his career-best 999 player rating may or may not be realistic.

  1. A New Dynamic: Inside the CBS Sports Network Deal

    Dynamic Discs is taking a chance on cable television.

  2. Alternatives To Your Regular Disc Golf Fix

    Good tips that will last you longer than a pandemic

  3. Brodie Smith Is Good Theater

    We have some questions surrounding the Ultimate player's foray into disc golf but mostly we are enjoying the show.

  4. Don’t Let The Bad Breaks Break You

    3 (and a half) tips to keep your mental game strong

  5. On The Pro Tours, Basket Size Doesn’t Matter

    The debate about modifying targets to add more drama at top pro events misses a more fundamental point

  6. Tuesday Tips For Making The Disc Golf Sales Pitch

    From affordability to health benefits, there are multiple ways to get new players on board

  7. Slow Your Roll. Or: How To Avoid Getting ‘DeLa’d’

    A local pro gives his tips for surviving the monster that is DeLaveaga Park, home of this weekend's "Steady" Ed Masters Cup.

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