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Andrew Fish (he/him/his) plays out of Baltimore, MD, and is sponsored by Discraft and Upper Park Disc Golf. Fish’s day job as a civil engineer means that he tours sparingly, but keeps a busy schedule in the mid-Atlantic. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter at @fish58320 for occasional deep dives into the unintended consequences of sports growth, course design, and not-yet-disproven claims that he is the Thumbermaster.

  1. The One True Champion

    Beat the champ to be the champ.

  2. The Cost of Touring: What Does it Take to Break Even? [Pt. 2]

    Plus: how to equitably approach FPO payouts.

  3. The Cost of Touring: A Fuller Picture [Pt. 1]

    Estimating the cost of being a touring disc golf professional.

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