Highlights: Best Of The 2021 Waco Annual Charity Open

The top shots from the sport's top media producers

There were three rounds to tame the bEast in Texas at the Waco Annual Charity Open, and opportunity for every type of shot to be on display.

Thanks to the Disc Golf NetworkJomez ProGK Pro, and Gatekeeper Media for capturing the action all weekend.

We’ve broken down the shots by round.

Round 1

Paul McBeth metal hit on hole 1.

paul mcbeth hole 1 rnd 1 metal hit waco

Eagle McMahon approach on hole 4.

eagle mcmahon hole 4 approach waco rnd 1

Lydia Lyons approach on hole 7.

lydia lyons hole 7 approach rnd 1 waco

Jeremy Koling putt on hole 7.

jeremy koling hole 7 putt waco rnd 1

Chris Dickerson putt on hole 9.

chris dickerson hole 9 putt rnd 1 waco

Hailey King putt on hole 11.

hailey king hole 11 putt rnd 1 waco

Calvin Heimburg putt on hole 11.

calvin heimburg hole 11 putt rnd 1 waco

Rebecca Cox approach on hole 12.

rebeca cox hole 12 approach rnd 1 waco

Cale Leiviska approach on hole 12.

cale leiviska hole 12 approach waco rnd 1

Thomas Gilbert drive on hole 15.

thomas gilbert hole 15 drive waco rnd 1

Eagle McMahon drive on hole 16.

eagle mcmahon hole 16 drive waco rnd 1

Thomas Gilbert roller on hole 16.

thomas gilbert hole 16 roller waco rnd 1

Emerson Keith approach on hole 17.

emerson keith hole 17 approach waco rnd 1

Catrina Allen approach spit-out on hole 18.

catrina allen hole 18 approach spit out waco rnd 1

Round 2

Kona Panis putt on hole 5.

kona panis hole 5 putt rnd 2 waco

Valerie Mandujano putt on hole 6.

valerie mandujano hole 6 putt waco rnd 2

Ricky Wysocki drive on hole 8.

ricky wysocki hole 8 drive waco rnd 2

Bradley Williams drive on hole 9.

bradley williams hole 9 drive wace rnd 2

Kona Panis approach on hole 9.

kona panis hole 9 approach rnd 2 waco

Gavin Rathbun putt on hole 9.

gavin rathbun hole 9 putt rnd 2 waco

Catrina Allen drive on hole 11.

catrina allen hole 11 drive waco rnd 2

Ricky Wysocki drive on hole 11.

ricky wysocki hole 11 drive waco rnd 2

Lance Brown putt on hole 11.

lance brown hole 11 putt waco rnd 2

Valerie Mandujano drive on hole 12.

valerie mandujano hole 12 drive waco rnd 2

Bradley Williams approach on hole 12.

bradley williams hole 12 approach wao rnd 2

Lance Brown approach on hole 17.

lance brown hole 17 approach waoc rnd 2

Hailey King throw-in on hole 17.

hailey king hole 17 throw in approach waco rnd 2

Round 3

Ricky Wysocki approach on hole 2.

ricky wysocki hole 2 approach waco rnd 3

Gavin Rathbun drive on hole 3.

gavin rathbun hole 3 drive waco rnd 3

Bradley Williams roller approach on hole 4.

bradley williams hole 4 roller approach rnd 3 waco

Cale Leiviska putt on hole 6.

cale leiviska hole 6 putt waco rnd 3

Ricky Wysocki drive on hole 7.

ricky wysocki hole 7 drive waco rnd 3

Ricky Wysocki putt on hole 9.

ricky wysocki hole 9 putt rnd 3 waco

Raven Newsom putt on hole 13.

raven newsom hole 13 putt waco rnd 3

Kona Panis putt on hole 16.

kona panis hole 16 putt waco rnd 3

Nikko Locastro putt on hole 17.

nikko locastro hole 17 putt waco rnd 3

Calvin Heimburg drive on hole 18.

calvin heimburg hole 18 drive waco rnd 3

  1. Darren LeMay
    Darren LeMay

    Darren LeMay is a contributor at Ultiworld Disc Golf, practicing disc golfer and volunteer soccer dad. When not working as a finance auditor he attends girls youth soccer practices and tournaments all over the Orlando area literally five or six days a week leaving just enough time to never play disc golf. He loves playing disc golf.



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