2020 Manufacturers’ Cup

An unbiased look at “team” performance during the season by assigning points to quality finishes at elite events.

We introduced the Manufacturers’ Cup heading into the season as a way to measure “team success,” or to judge sponsored players grouped by disc manufacturers.

Introducing The Manufacturers’ Cup

The Manufacturers’ Cup is an unbiased look at “team” performance during the season by assigning points to quality finishes at elite events. With the 2020 schedule and travel restrictions in place, we had to make a couple minor changes to the formula.

We are only judging Open and Open Women fields at PDGA Major and National Tour, and Disc Golf Pro Tour events. Adding in A-tiers and European tour results may give us a larger picture and more data of the overall sponsored player landscape, but we were focused on the deepest talent pools and marquee tournaments. National Tour events were removed for 2020, as were most majors, as they did not take place. Unfortunately, many European players were also unable to travel to the U.S. for tournaments due to restrictions because of Covid-19. To accommodate for that, we ran two Manufacturers’ Cup scenarios, with the second including four Prodigy Disc Pro Tour events. Because we’ve already narrowed down the fields at the elite events of the season, the quality issue has already been accounted for, so overall points decides the winner.

As far as awarding points to players to count toward the cup, we only counted top 10 finishes, and use a variation of the Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship points system: winner of event receives 25 points, the second-place finisher 18 points, with 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, and 1 points for positions 3 through 10.

Ties in positions 1-9 split total points (points only split if at least one full point can be distributed, round down decimals in all occasions). Ties in positions 10 and lower do not receive points.

Additionally, the highest round rating of the event gets 1 point added, and the hot round point can be awarded to more than one player, with each getting a full point.

And your winners are…

2020 Manufacturer Cup - FPO Total Points

Total PointsPlayersPoints Per Player
Latitude 6419119.0

2020 Manufacturer Cup - MPO Total Points

Total PointsPlayersPoints Per Player

For the second consecutive season, Innova takes the Manufacturers’ Cup in the Open division. Discraft earns its first Manufacturers’ Cup with its Open Women’s success.

Earning this year’s efficiency prize, given to the sponsor with the highest points per player finish, are Westside Discs in Open, and Prodigy Disc in Open Women’s.

2020 Manufacturer Cup - FPO Results

MemorialWacoDDOThe PreserveGLOIdlewildLedgestoneGMCMVPJonesboroWNCDGPT ChampTotal
Paige Pierce261526262612182626262619272
Catrina Allen10131318715261311181815177
Sarah Hokom1312131991319137118
Hailey King5101218111512698
Missy Gannon218154106661775
Heather Young87156151364
Jessica Weese13610112850
Ellen Widboom11925146
Eveliina Salonen122638
Kona Panis185726736
Henna Blomroos151833
Paige Shue2131025
Lisa Fajkus581225
Holly Finley7162723
Vanessa Van Dyken2541021
Rebecca Cox5811419
Jennifer Allen1818
Valerie Mandujano26917
Cynthia Ricciotti9413
Ohn Scoggins1010
Andrea Eaton99
Callie McMorran88
Krissie Fountain88
Macie Walker77
Emily Beach246
Erika Stinchcomb55
Deann Carey123
Christina Linthicum22
Alexis Mandujano22
Alex Benson22
Sandi Hendel11

2020 Manufacturer Cup - MPO Results

MemorialWacoDDOThe PreserveGLOIdlewildLedgestoneGMCMVPJonesboroUSDGCDGPT ChampTotal
Calvin Heimburg26281798815261813168
Paul McBeth16182691918261992162
Chris Dickerson31719159112518117
Ricky Wysocki121613251518152116
Eagle McMahon18772525114299
Kevin Jones71210262580
Nikko Locastro2541266255
Garrett Gurthie891512246
James Conrad1271012243
Drew Gibson11310529
Colten Montgomery26329
Emerson Keith151227
Paul Ulibarri649625
Kyle Klein129223
Simon Lizotte416222
Adam Hammes66921
Cale Leiviska41519
Austin Hannum11516
Andrew Marwede1515
Andrew Presnell21113
Vaino Makela1111
Gregg Barsby6511
Noah Meintsma1010
Jeremy Koling4329
Philo Brathwaite617
Scott Withers66
Austin Hoop66
Brian Earhart44
Chris Clemons224
Reid Frescura44
Alden Harris44
AJ Carey44
Matt Bell33
Jordan Castro33
Michael Johansen33
Ezra Robinson33
Eric Oakley22
Steve Rico22
Paul Oman11
Alex Russell11
Anthony Barela11
Oyvind James11
Tim Barham11
Dan Brooks-Wells11

Here is what the 2020 season looked like using only U.S. events.

As promised, we also ran the Manufacturers’ Cup using several European events to accommodate for the large talent pools overseas that have generally been unable to travel to the States in 2020. We only used the four Prodigy Disc Pro Tour events, as it was the most consistent series of events with deep fields from the year.

Manufacturers’ Cup results with European events continue below

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