Monthly Dime: 10 Things We Loved In January

Ten of our favorites you might have missed last month

Disc golf, professional and otherwise, is getting bigger all the time and that means it’s busier than ever. It can be hard to keep up with everything. That’s where our Monthly Dime comes in, where we find and review 10 of the best and sometimes random disc golf related things that caught our attention each month. While we won’t pretend to be able to provide a comprehensive accounting of everything that has happened, we’ll do our best to keep this both informative and fun.

1. Technically, this “tournament” is from the end of December, but it didn’t work its way to us until January. And we are glad it did. Props to dad for putting on the event for his kids and having the patience to cut a superb commentary track. The scoring graphics are probably our favorite part.

Kids Jomez Tournament

2. This month saw a lot of new plastic hit the market, and with it a lot of people posting their disc hauls. Let’s just say, it got a bit repetitive.

Enough is enough. No more McBeth posts. Please watch this with your volume up.
byu/djs02020 indiscgolf

3. Also happening this month, some really frickin’ cold weather. It’s actually happening right now. It hasn’t stopped one mad man in the midwest from continuing an insane streak of playing at least 18 holes of disc golf a day for almost 2,000 consecutive days. Respect, Michael Wright. And a shoutout to Dan Schnabel as well for playing the coldest recorded round in UDisc history.

Disc Golf Playing Streak

4. Several pros have escaped the cold weather and ventured down south to Puerto Rico. Cale Leiviska and Paul Oman made sure to set a basket up on the island of Culebra and the world’s most beautiful beach while they were vacationing. Nate Perkins and Alyssa Van Lanen are now down there soaking up some sun rays, and Avery Jenkins is also en route.

5. Back to others still stuck in cold weather, they’re making the best of it.


6. Ok, we know we said there was some mail call fatigue, but does anyone have an opinion on the design cues the new Paul McBeth Discraft line may have taken? Meh, we actually don’t really care now that we think about it.

7. We do wish some companies could bring back some of these designs though. We’d take about 20 of these retro disc golf shirts.

A fellow golfer who’s been playing for a long time recently gave me a bunch of awesome old t-shirts, so I took pictures of the logos & artwork for all to enjoy
byu/rownage indiscgolf

8. Ricky Wysocki was putting in some face time with pro athletes from other sports all month. First, he runs into Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers at a grocery store, then he played a round with Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Casey DeSmith while he was in town.

9. A quick aside just to mention how happy we are that tournament season is starting up. The offseason may not be long but we are seriously jonesing for some video coverage. Thank goodness there are so many crews out there now. Looking at you, GK Productions, Local Route, and everyone else rolling out some quality footage.

10. We can’t pick up a spare with a bowling ball, let alone a disc like homeboy can.

Bowling disc golf

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    Bennett Wineka

    Benn started playing disc golf in the '90s but has somehow never gotten any better. He lives in Decatur, Georgia and cares too much about Atlanta United and UNC basketball. Email him at [email protected]

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