Monthly Dime: Ten Things We Loved In April

Ten of our favorites you might have missed last month, plus two leftovers from March

Disc golf, professional and otherwise, is getting bigger all the time and that means it’s busier than ever. It can be hard to keep up with everything. That’s where our Monthly Dime comes in, where we find and review 10 of the best and sometimes random disc golf related things that caught our attention each month. While we won’t pretend to be able to provide a comprehensive accounting of everything that has happened, we’ll do our best to keep this both informative and fun.

We’ve got them all numbered, but, to be clear, this isn’t a ranked list or anything like that.

1. Chicago Bulls rookie Lauri Markkanen is very good at basketball and he also shared an Instagram story proving he’s ONE OF US! Guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise seeing as how he is Finnish and the Finns love their disc golf.

Lauri Markkanen disc golf


2. The month started off with some pretty solid jokes from the manufacturers. Dynamic Discs put out two videos for April Fools, one for internet disc golf and one for Eric Oakley’s Tour Series disc that doubled as an “In The Bag” satire. MVP Disc Sports “released” three brand new baskets. But maybe the one we wish wasn’t in jest was Innova Discs’ minni.


3. There are seemingly millions of different resources online to help you with your form. We’re really into these simple photo illustrating all those tips and phrases you hear all the time.

Disc Golf Driving Form
byu/dgpRob indiscgolf

4. The Disc Golf Pro Tour introduced offsite commentary at the Jonesboro Open with Cory Murrell and Sean Jack on a live feed commentating from San Francisco. The Glass Blown Open also had Terry Miller and Robert McCall back at tournament central doing all the commentary. We have to say, it’s adding a lot to the broadcasts.

5. Speaking of Jonesboro, nothing like a good old-fashioned dance-off to celebrate a couple birdies.

Birdie Dance lessons with Risley and Koling
byu/Prevailing_Winds indiscgolf

6. The Glass Blown Open gave us a ton of highlights but no single shot can match the golf that unfolded over the last four holes of the MPO lead card on Saturday. It is the definition of must-watch.

GBO Jomez

7. Paige Pierce with the most casual eagle of the GBO is actually a highlight we could watch a couple times more. That and the birdie bank shot.


8. The winter finally seems to be over. Snow is still on the ground in some places but we think we’re mostly thawed out now and ready for the disc golf season to really pick up.

9. We can’t decide which is more impressive. A Bradley Williams skip shot across a pond or Simon Lizotte calling his shot? We’ll go Williams for the novelty.

10. This is why people don’t like dogs out on the course.

Man gets jumped on by dog

Leftovers From March:

1. Eagle McMahon just got another big win at the GBO. Here’s a quick call back to The Memorial, right after his LVC win, hanging out with Lizotte on the swings during a backup at Vista. Winning and having fun are not antithetical. Now, if there is a swingset somewhere near DeLa, does that mean Lizotte is in line for another win?

Simon and Eagle staying focused during a backup on hole 15 at The Memorial. (Round 2)
byu/azdgfan indiscgolf

h/t: u/azdgfan

2. Gifs are great, and this is a great gif. Nate Sexton did a forehand clinic for Infinite Discs, and intrepid Redditor u/brazenberry had the good sense and creativity to turn Sexton into a dancing robot:

Sexton gif robot

Disc golf needs more gifs like this.

That’s it for now; if anything catches your eye throughout May, drop us a line on our twitter, or send it to our email: [email protected]. See you next month.

  1. Bennett Wineka
    Bennett Wineka

    Benn started playing disc golf in the '90s but has somehow never gotten any better. He lives in Decatur, Georgia and cares too much about Atlanta United and UNC basketball. Email him at [email protected]

  2. Alex Colucci
    Alex Colucci

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