Past Articles in Viral

  1. Challenge Accepted: “15 Second In The Bag”

    15 Second In The Bag Challenge Marc DeBlasio

  2. Twitter Finds Way To Insult Bills Mafia By Invoking “WTF Richard”

    Tweet from @Kofie

  3. Disc Golfing Dad Gets Love From Deadspin, Bleacher Report

    A little bump from the mainstream sports outposts always helps

  4. So The GBO Wind Is Already Putting Paul McBeth To The Test


  5. This Insane Wind Video Will Bring You To Tears

    Give credit where it's due: These guys had ZERO quit in them.

  6. Dynamic Discs Gets In On The Mannequin Challenge Trend

    Floating putters, falling boxes, and chocolate discs - oh my!

  7. Brathwaite’s Albatross Completes The Viral Cycle By Appearing On Comedy Central’s Tosh.0

    "It's almost as much fun to play as it is to say."

  8. Is The Hand-Wringing Over ‘Frolf’ Worth The Worry?

    Pros, other disc golf stakeholders weigh in on the sport’s lesser monikers

  9. SB Nation Somehow Improves On Brathwaite’s Albatross With Amazing GIF

    All due respect to Philo, but this is tremendous

  10. Errors In The Albatross Coverage Show Disc Golf’s Place In The Mainstream

    There's no such thing as bad press, but the sport still has a ways to go

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