Past Articles in Tuesday Tips

  1. Tuesday Tips For Making The Disc Golf Sales Pitch

    From affordability to health benefits, there are multiple ways to get new players on board

  2. Tuesday Tips For Ladies Looking To Make The Leap

    We’ve gathered some top tips for women looking to evolve their game

  3. Tuesday Tips: How To Stop Worrying And Learn To Love The Wind

    Just because it's howling doesn't mean you can't have fun. A little shot selection and stability knowledge goes a long way.

  4. Tuesday Tips: How Disc Stability And Release Angles Work Together

    Some simple graphic representations of optimal flight patterns

  5. Tuesday Tips: How To Throw A Forehand Roller

    Discover your inner major leaguer and get down!

  6. Tuesday Tips For Playing In The Rain

    A few ways to overcome the mental hurdles of wet weather

  7. Tuesday Tips: 5 Common Beginner Putting Routine Mistakes

    Make those hours on the basket truly count with a couple helpful reminders

  8. Tuesday Tips: Art Of The Pre-Shot Routine

    A look at the mental and physical benefits of repetitive actions

  9. Tuesday Tips: Breaking Down The Backhand

    A closer look at the components of the game's most essential throw

  10. Tuesday Tips: Bringing Tournament Pressure To Casual Rounds

    A simple, single player way to test your mettle

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