Past Articles in Tuesday Tips

  1. Tuesday Tips: 3 Drills For Judging Distances

    Hone your inner rangefinder for more success on the course

  2. Tuesday Tips: Utility Shots – Thumbers & Tomahawks

    Handy hints to improve your overhand game

  3. Tuesday Tips: Exercises To Increase Balance And Stability

    Four disc golf-specific training videos will help keep your game upright

  4. Tuesday Tips For Talking Like A Local

    Show off your native tongue and blend in like a pro

  5. Tuesday Tips For Consistent Throws

    On the road to repeatable releases

  6. Tuesday Tips: Art Of The Pre-Round Routine

    Seven ways to prepare for success

  7. Tuesday Tips: A Guide To Putter-Only Rounds

    Improve your game with some slow and steady practice

  8. Tuesday Tips: Using A Straddle Stance On Uphill and Downhill Putts

    How a change in approach can keep your putting game on point

  9. Tuesday Tips To Beat The Heat

    The dog days are here, and with them we bring a few common sense -- and not so common sense -- tips to stay cool

  10. Tuesday Tips For Navigating High-Risk, High-Reward Scenarios

    Run it, or lay up?

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