Past Articles in Tournament Preparation

  1. Tuesday Tips: How to Prepare for a Course You’ve Never Played

    You can still prepare, even when you can't play practice rounds.

  2. Tuesday Tips: Equipment Hacks for Better Disc Golf Rounds

    All the gear you never knew you needed, crowdsourced from our community!

  3. Tuesday Tips: How to Play Great Disc Golf Doubles

    Take advantage of the team dynamic.

  4. Tuesday Tips: When Good Rounds Go Bad — Overcoming Mental Meltdowns

    Don't let one bad shot become two.

  5. Tuesday Tips: Finding Your Tournament Persona

    Know yourself to play your best.

  6. Tuesday Tips: How to Prepare for a Disc Golf Tournament

    Getting ready the right way can make a big difference on game day.

  7. Tuesday Tips: Building a Bag [Learning to Score – Pt. 2]

    An overstable approach disc could be more important than a driver

  8. Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Getting Started – Pt. 1]

    Don't buy discs at random.

  9. Tuesday Tips: How to TD Your First Disc Golf Tournament

    A guide to getting started running your own events.

  10. Tuesday Tips: Tourney Time – The Day Of

    Making sure Good Nervous beats out Bad Nervous

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