Past Articles in Mental Game

  1. Tuesday Tips: Managing the Pressure of High Expectations in Disc Golf

    Next shot.

  2. Tuesday Tips: How to Play Great Disc Golf Doubles

    Take advantage of the team dynamic.

  3. Tuesday Tips: When Good Rounds Go Bad — Overcoming Mental Meltdowns

    Don't let one bad shot become two.

  4. Tuesday Tips: Using a Preshot Routine to Unlock your Throw

    You have to switch between analysis and performance.

  5. Tuesday Tips: Finding Your Tournament Persona

    Know yourself to play your best.

  6. Understanding your Brain can Improve Your Disc Golf Game

    Myelin, muscle memory, and the acquisition of motor skills

  7. The Upshot: Kevin Jones, GMC, Player of the Year Race, Metal Toughness [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    KJUSA joins us on a rare two-hour show.

  8. Don’t Let The Bad Breaks Break You

    3 (and a half) tips to keep your mental game strong

  9. Tuesday Tips: Six Tips To Improve Your Mental Game

    Sorting out the mental side of tournament play is half the battle

  10. Tuesday Tips For Playing In The Rain

    A few ways to overcome the mental hurdles of wet weather

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